40-Day Devotional for Men

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Below are 40 devotional video podcasts. Each day has a video podcast in which I share one or two scripture verses and at the end, I pray for you. Under each video podcast is a devotion taken from one of six devotional books I’ve read over a six year period. I pulled out 6 devotions from each devotional book that talked to my heart. The devotions below are not related in any way to the video podcast.

The purpose of reading a devotion everyday is to bring you into the habit of seeking God’s Word for your life.  I share what devotional the devotion comes from and who the authors are; hoping one of the devotions will urge you to buy and use that devotional daily. I do not receive any financial gain for this. I’m just trying to walk life with you and help you draw closer to Christ Jesus. My goal as a disciple-maker is to help you be intentional about you personal journey with Christ. Just click on a day and the page with the video podcast and devotion with appear. May the Lord bless and strengthen your faith and walk with Him.

40-Day Devotions