My name is Clint Bragg. I accepted Christ as my Savior on Easter Sunday in 1981 in a small town in Northwest Oklahoma. I was zealous for Jesus, but like the majority of Christians I was not growing spiritually because I did not have anyone to walk with me for a season, to learn and to be trained in spiritual things. I went to church and went to socials, but that is not enough. About 5 years after I accepted Christ our church called Jim Kirkendall to be our new Pastor. Jim came to me one day and ask if I wanted to know how to be a follower of Jesus. I said, “yes!” Jim told me that he had a resource called Masterlife. He told me that I would have to commit to 6 months of lessons, scripture memorization, and meeting once week for about 2 hours. He then told me to go home and pray about it to God and report back to him the following week and let him know if my answer was still yes. I prayed and it was the best 6 months of my life. Jim and I are good friends to this day.  The picture below was taken in the Spring of 2008 in Oklahoma City when my wife Penny and I were on our 40-day Mission Trip traveling around the country to minister to marriages.

jim and clint copy

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