Day 24

I Want to Praise You Every Day

Every day I will praise you, and extol your name for ever and ever. (Psalm 145:2)

It is a big step forward in the life of believers when they decide to seek fellowship with God through His Word every day, without fail. Their perseverance will be rewarded with success if they are serious about it. Their experience may be more or less as follows: When they wake up in the morning, God will be the first thing on their minds. They will allocate time for prayer and will give God time to reveal Himself to them. Then they may voice all their desires to God and expect an answer. Later, during the course of the day––even if only for a few minutes––they will take time once more to strengthen this fellowship with God. Then again in the evening, a quiet time is needed to think about the events of the day. This is a time for confessing sins and for renewed commitment to God and His service. As time goes by, these believers will learn what is lacking in their lives. They will be ready to say not only “every day” but also “all the day.” They will realize that the Holy Spirit is with them all the time, uninterrupted, like breathing. In their quiet place they will aim to gain the assurance through faith that the Holy Trinity will be with them all through the day. Therefore, you should seek to trust the Holy Spirit to guide you all of the day. You need not worry about tomorrow. He who guides you today will also lead you tomorrow.

Thank You, Lord, that I have the privilege of being conscious of Your presence every moment of the day.

What is God saying to you right now? Jot down those thoughts and pray them back to Him.

This devotion was taken from: Daily in His Presence; May 23; by Andrew Murray with Bruce Wilkinson

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