Day 9

Jehu –– Settling for Mediocrity

Jehu said, “Come with me and see my zeal for the Lord.” (2 Kings 10:16)

Jehu had the basic qualities that could have made him a great success. By many accounts, he was a successful king. His family ruled the northern kingdom longer than any other. God used Jehu to topple Ahab’s evil dynasty and to rid Judah of Baal worship. He came close to being God’s kind of king, but he recklessly went beyond God’s commands and failed to continue the obedient actions that began his reign. Within sight of victory, he settled for mediocrity. God gives each person strengths and abilities that will find their greatest usefulness only under his control. Outside of that control, they don’t accomplish what they could, and they often become tools for evil. A natural talent in finances can become an avenue for greed. An outgoing and persuasive personality can be put to use promoting the wrong cause. One way to make sure this does not happen is to ask God to place you under his control. With his presence in your life, your natural strengths and abilities will be used to their greatest potential for the greatest good. Our natural abilities and strengths find their greatest usefulness under Christ’s control.

What is God saying to you right now? Jot down those thoughts and pray them back to Him.

This devotion was taken from: The One Year Life Lessons from the Bible; June 24; by Neil S. Wilson

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