The Spiritual Christian

There are three distinct spiritual personalities in this world. All of us start out with the same personality: The Natural Man… Many Natural Men become what is called The Carnal Christian. Some eventually become The Spiritual Christian. Christ’s hope and goal  is that all of us become Spiritual Christians.

So let us explore the personality of a Spiritual Christian. I have 14 videos for The Spiritual Christian.  The Spiritual Christian is someone who has excepted Christ and is  seeking Him daily or intentionally. The Spiritual Christian does not allow the world to dictate how he feels, thinks, and acts. The Spiritual Christian through faith allows the Holy Spirit to influence all his decision makings. I explain what makes up this person’s personality. I have used the information from book 2 of Masterlife. It is the ministry course that Avery T. Willis Jr. and Kay Moore developed in 1984 to help people become and understand what is expected of us to be disciple’s of Christ. You can find this information on pages 133-140. It’s very powerful.

Start by viewing days 26-39. On day 39 I will take the scriptures from days 26-38 and illustrate what the Spiritual Christian’s personality looks like. Be intentional and be blessed.