Clint shares in the video clip to the left about what is required to become a follower of Christ. The video is 27 minutes long and is worth your time to view and understand that Christ loves you, has died for you, and is extending a personal invitation to you for eternal life in Heaven. The choice is yours. Clint makes an interesting remark that we are born with a default setting which we have to choose to change. Think about that.


Becoming a Christian is About Relationships

As men we tend to be islands on our own. Most men, (not all of us), are not very relational. Christ tells us in Luke 9:23, that we are to take up our cross everyday and follow Him. The four disciplines required to pick up our cross are: to read the Bible, talk to God (pray), hang out with others who believe in Christ (fellowship), and walk in this world with Godly confidence shining the character of Christ in us (witness). You need another person in your life to keep you accountable to God’s standards. This person should be a male prayer partner. If you are married, then he should be married too. You both must have Christ in your lives for this to be effective and productive time. You should both encourage each other and pray for each other. Below is a video clip of Clint and his prayer partner Johnathan. They share how they became prayer partners.

It would be nice to have just one prayer partner in your life time. Unfortunately life events happen that you and/or your prayer partner have no control over; job changes, moving out of the area, and numerous other things. Cherish the time you have to talk and pray together. But when you and your prayer partner move on, it’s time to find your next prayer partner. My third prayer partner, Russell Holloway from Florida, made this video below to give you a better understanding of what this relationship looks like and what we do when we get together.